Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

BOT is the right model for lot of corporate who want the best of captive center and pure outsourced model advantages. In this model, the customer gets to define the organization, pick the chosen individuals, have the day-to-day control over the individuals and their delivery, plan long terms for the training and development of the individuals in the team and perhaps most-importantly, own the IP used and/or created by the team. Essentially, all the benefits of owning a captive delivery center. At the same time, the customer can avoid many of the pitfalls associated with setting up a captive delivery center like:

BOT is not the model for everyone. It can be the right model if:


Dedicated Delivery Centre

For projects of significant size or importance (with regard to security, knowledge base..), we provide the option of building a dedicated delivery center for the customers.

In this model, the team working for the customer will be working in a physically dedicated area with all the access controls and network firewalls. Usually, this area has the customer network deployed and the team will be using the customer provided desktop/laptop images. Customer will have complete information and live monitoring of the access controls to this place.

This model can be middle path between the BOT model and project based outsourcing.

Project based delivery

This is the model that is used by the vast majority of the customers in the industry. This provides the flexibility for the customer to scale up and down the team size based on the market. Similarly, the service provide will be able to leverage the skills and resources in the entire pool.

Component-price model

A variation of the project-based delivery. This model usually works best in cases where the kind of work is fairly clear and delivery can be measured precisely. Some of the IT infrastructure management services like server administration and database administration are good candidates for this model. Also, legacy system support, reports development can also be suitable candidates for this model.

This model provides financial predictability and transparency to the customer while providing the opportunity for operational efficiency and scale to the service provider.