Global Hosting Operations

A Fortune 100 Telecommunications and hosting services company manages the infrastructure and IT operations of the clients. They count several fortune 100 companies in Media and Financial sectors as their customers. While they have 70% of their customers in Americas, 100% of their operations are run from their HQ in North America. Also, they are planning to launch offerings in some of emerging markets in Asia Pac region

Due to the location of the Ops team, teams are required to work night shifts to support other time zones. Not a happy situation for experienced professionals. Also, supporting the Asia Pac customers through US resources is not financially viable. At the same time, the company is worried about the risk to IP if they go with the outsourcing vendors. Also, they have heard horror stories of really junior resources brought by the outsourcing providers.

They have looked the option of opening a captive centre in India. That is going to be significant overhead on their management. Though they would want to do that at some point, they decided not to do that now in view of other strategic activities.

The client asked Andor team to suggest a solution that solves their current problem of night shift, makes their offering financially viable and improve the customer satisfaction.

For Andor team, this is a typical problem with a twist. For a problem like this, most companies choose to go with a vendor and build a team in locations like India or China. However, this customer feels that outsourcing providers are their competitors and so do not want to exposure their IP to them. Also, being premium service providers, they would want top-class talent.

In such a situation, typical answer is to build a captive delivery centre where they could own the IP and can decide on the specific talent. But, they are not a position to open a captive centre for the following 24 months or so.

So, they really need the best of outsourcing and captive delivery centres. There is an option called ‘Build-Operate-Transfer’ that neatly fits into this requirement. Most of the bigand medium players do not want to do this as this requires lot of customized attention and process development as opposed to executing the existing processes for outsourcing deals.

Andor Tech proposed a BOT model for the customer with the customer having an option to transfer the team to their own captive centre at the end of 24 month period. The customer agreed to the proposal and asked Andor Tech to execute the same.

Andor Tech built a global delivery centre for this customer in Bangalore for the specific needs of this customer. The centre has redundant power supply, network access, biometric security, 24x7 redundant physical security. Customer’s network is extended to this centre and their global customers are supported from this customer.

Andor has built top-notch team with an average experience of 8 years. 70% of this team left the companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, Cisco to join. In the words of the company CEO when he visited the centre, “You got an awesome team here. I wish we have this kind of team back in HQ”. It is not easy to get that kind of compliment.

Andor has deployed a simple and effective process that governed the entire BOT from requirements, interview process, evaluation, offer making, on-boarding, training and orientation, onsite travel, goal setting and performance review. From the original need of 21 members when they really wanted to test this model, the team grew to over 120 members. This in itself is a testimonial to the success of this project and model.

The team covered different aspects of operations including, VPDC administration, database administration, Unix/Linux administration, windows administration, middleware administration, network operations centre and service desk.

Eventually, 24 months later, the customer has setup the local captive centre as was originally planned. All of the BOT team members are transferred to the captive centre. The customer is absolutely thrilled with the entire project where they have de-risked themselves at the outset and yet got all the benefits of captive centre. In fact, they got better as they were able to leverage the experience of Andor team in building such centres earlier.