Product Development

A promising start-up in Silicon Valley is working on the next big since the slice of bread – as they always do. They have an excellent core team, an idea that could make them big and the VC support. As they got well into the product development, they realized they needed more resources, much more as they wanted to expedite their time to market. It is not easy to add another 10 or 15 engineers in Silicon Valley. Also, they needed a team to take care of the back-end operations. Several established small companies have their own captive centres in places like Bangalore. But, that is not a viable option for start-ups. They do not want to go to an outsourcing provider due to the concerns over IP, same team retention and resource quality/control.

Andor Tech was approached through a common friend if they could help.

Andor team realized that what the customer is looking for is a captive centre without the overheads and hassles of managing a captive centre. Andor is also cognizant of the fact that start-ups do have limited financial resources.

With these constraints in mind, Andor has setup a dedicated development centre for this customer. The entire development infrastructure – largely based on the customer needs – is based on open source technologies. With the usage of open source and social interaction tools, indirect costs are kept to absolute minimal. Customer is allowed to select the hires from the short listed candidates. The team really works as an extended part of the core team in the valley.

For the first few months, the Bangalore team was given smaller components to complete. Four months later, the team is working on several new features with basic guidance from the core team in the valley.

The customer is very happy as they got what was asked for and now they are expecting to go live 4-6 months before the original plan. Currently the customer is working with Andor team on building the back-end and support teams in the same Bangalore centre.